Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Break- A very long post

I meant to break this into more than one post, and I also meant to do it weeks ago, but better late than never. When Daddy gives Graysen her blog book for her birthday it is going to have a few weeks missing but I am just going to try and catch up and she will have them the next year.

It was our first spring break as a family and Aunt Marisa and the girls came to stay with us for the weekend.

The cousins had some bonding time which included Leila taking every toy out of the toy box in the first 5 minutes of being there.
 I love this picture of Tessa because she looks just like her Mommy when she is really concentrating.

On Thursday we took all the cousins to the rodeo. G tried her hat out before we left.
 We continued our attempt at getting a good picture of all four of them. That worked out well.

 There were so many people we ended up just having a picnic in the grass.
 Aunt Kelly showed them the cows.
 Some cute cousin love.
 They learned about planting.

When you are at the rodeo you have to get cowboy hats.

 The next day we all went to Wonderwild in the Woodlands (thanks for the suggestion Katie)
 It was a fun place for both ages of the kids. Graysen wasn't sure what she wanted to do next.

 Daddy was supposed to take off work- he showed up halfway through the fun.

Eventually they were all played out and it was time to go home.
We had Aunt Lisa's baby shower the next day. I was in charge of desserts and was pretty proud of myself. As ya'll know-I am not Martha Stewart.
 The ladies decorated onesies for baby Abigale.
 Graysen showed off her walking skills and her love for Mommy's heritage 
 She also wanted to help with the presents.
 Aunt Lisa's favorite gift.

 We finished off the day with green beer and some really fun conversation.
The next morning Aunt Marisa went to church with us and saw our favorite Pastor. The girls were very cute in their matching dresses G-Mama got them at the rodeo. 

And then I was very sad to see them all go home.