Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One Year Dr Visit

She obviously hates going. She doesn't get excited about having an audience at all.

She loves the fish tank.

 And having alone time in a small room with Mommy and Daddy.

 Speaking of Daddy-she loves to play with EVERYTHING in the room just like him.

 We are so blessed to have a baby who does well with shots. We have a joke in our house that she has my pain tolerance and we were proven right on this visit. She never reacted to the finger prick. She was just fascinated with the pretty blood coming out of her finger. The nurse was amazed at her reactionn

 She loved her sparkly band-aid.
We loved her stats. 30.5" (90%) height and 22.8 (76%) weight. We were so happy that her weight percentage was finally lower than her height.