Saturday, October 29, 2011

This little girl loves her daddy

I loved this series of pictures I took on my phone (picture quality isn't the best) last weekend and I wanted to share. I am not sure who has who wrapped around their finger more...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my

I love my sister-in-law. Shawn and I want her to move back to Houston so badly. I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS MARISA. I love that we have daughters that are 4 weeks apart. I love that we have no competition between us and just want all of our kids to grow up with more love and support than they will ever need. I love talking to her about parenting and asking questions and hearing what she has to I was very happy she came down for the weekend. It takes alot to travel with a 2 year old and a 6 month old alone, and I know the whole family was happy she came. We decided to take the kids to the zoo. Friday was a beautiful day, and the weather was almost perfect (and by almost perfect I mean 85 in October, and a serious mosquito infestation but it could have been much worse).

It took forever to load up...
She was so happy to be out of the car and in her stroller.
Cousin exploring
I was so happy she was good in her stroller. I have been worried about Disney but she loves sitting and watching.
The curly haired crazy one gets a lecture.
Cousin love

It was Leila's first time on the carousel.
Who knew there were such great slides at the zoo?

She loves her Aunt.
This would have been a great picture spot had we not been so tired.
Houston has paddle boats?
Daddy came home from work and got to see his niece too.
They still aren't tired.....

Pumpkin Pals

Aunt Marisa came to visit (more on that on another blog) and brought a pumpkin and a great idea she had seen with her. Before we got started with our photo session the girls had to play because they hadn't seen each other for a whole 12 hours.
The engineers got together to plan their pumpkin attack.
and Shawn gleefully went to work...
Pumpkin carving is serious work and the cousins needed to get a nap in before their photo session.....
Uncle Chris tested out the safety of our freshly carved pumpkin.
and photo time began...
"Does my hair look o.k in this one?"
"I need a potty break"
"Is this the pose you were looking for?"
Graysen to Tessa - "You know they just want this for blackmail when we are 18?"
Tessa to Graysen "Can you just look up so we can be done with this already..I'm hungry"
and a few of my favs....

Thanks Aunt Marisa for sharing your idea.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Avocados or Peas?...that was the question

Graysen had been eating cereal for a week so I decided to try "regular food." I couldn't wait to use my baby cook and baby bullet. I read 3 (yes, three books about baby nutrition) and decided to start with green vegetables first. I really wanted her first food to be peas partially just to torment Shawn who has a particular dislike for the vegetable. It stems from a childhood cousin turture session and he is more than happy to tell the story if you ask. I bought avocados and peas at the store and decided to go with the avocados first. Guacamole was my one pregnancy craving so I thought she might already like the taste. It took about 5 minutes for one avocado to make six servings of food.

Camera, video recorder, everyone gathered around, first bib out, and we were ready for the big moment.

and here we go....

hmmm.that is interesting

let me use my fingers to put more back into my mouth

the next morning I was lazy and just took her shirt off..she really got the hang of spreading it everywhere

After four successful days of avocados we moved on to peas. One bag made 10 servings of food. That is 75% less than buying jars of food which means I have more money to buy those bows some people complain about.

This morning she was helping the spoon in her mouth so I am very happy with the progress. Now the question is what to try next.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big Boys Don't Cry

I love my fantasy football league. I enjoy the people in it. I love that half of us were new to the process last year and we all learned together. I love how competitive we all are. I woke up on draft day like a kid on Christmas morning. I waited in anticipation to know my draft number. I knew I wanted Aaron Rodgers for my quarterback and was so happy when I got him. I got some looks for picking my QB that early but I did it anyways. I love tailgating before Texans games when half of my team is there and we are smack talking with each other. I love the stress of watching my points all day Sunday wondering what is going to happen.

I dislike the guy who asked if there were any "chicks" in the league this year. I disliked it so much that Shawn helped me come up with a team name fitting of a girl who likes to be a smart alec.

Here is a screen shot of my league. That is me at the very top. "The Playtex Ponies"
The thing I love most about my league at the moment is being the only undefeated person and the only "chick" in the league...and the guy who referred to me as the "chick"...that is him all the way at the last place.

My fantasy football idol "Keopectate" sent me a life-fulfilling text the other day. Fantasy Football Queen. Who knows what the rest of the season holds, but it has certainly been fun so far.