Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another post about that Liardon kid I love

I started to put together Graysen's birthday blog (there are 600 pics thanks to Aunt Marisa) and saw so many cute pictures of Graysen and her kindred spirit Rose that I had to let them have their own post.

Sweet Rose with her broken arms couldn't swim with the bigger kids so she was the protector of the babies. Especially her enamored friend Graysen.
 Can you tell she adores her?
 She told the older kids that she couldn't swim so please leave her alone in the ball pit.

 She was right next to G when it was cake time.
 She let her know the cake was going to be yummy.
 She helped with her party hat
 and said don't worry-she has this.
She was pure joy to be around.