Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March happenings and Graysen's attire

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt at Anna Claire's house
 and Graysen hit her first piƱata. She now asks to get one every time she sees one.
I the pleasure of taking Chris to see the love of his life-Lebron James. I love creating experiences for people and I think I had more fun that him watching his joy at being so close.
 We always have a great time together and he is one my favorite sports fans in my life.
 She adding her special touches for dance this day.

 That is a dress that is probably a little too short to wear for a bike ride.
 We had a visit to see Catherine.
 Santa brought a special delivery in March. He knew what had happened to Gus Gus and brought his brother for Graysen to watch over.
 She decided to name him Gus Gus as well. We are in love.
 St. Patrick's Day dance fun.
 She has started to really help me in the kitchen. She sees me start to do things and pulls her pink stool over and jumps right in. It is the best.
 We had a fun night out celebrating Ashley's birthday.

 Shawn and I even managed to stand together for about 5 minutes to take a cute picture.
 Hot tub nights have been in full swing this month.
 And so has fro-yo

 We sponsored a super fun Junior League event.
 and watched Ashley walk the runway.
 Daddy helped Coach Lee with a soccer game-meaning he pretty much stood on the sideline and look terrified. Just kidding, he did great!
 These cuties watched the new Cinderella movie at Lucy's birthday party.
 Sam had a family shower.

 The Hansbergers had us over for dinner and Shawn dressed up for the occassion.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rodeo Houston!

I love March and all of rodeo season.
This year we went to the cook-off and ran into so many people. 
 Graysen even got in on the action. She loved wearing my hat around the house.
 First up was girls night to see Miranda Lambert.
I had so much fun with these girls.
Next up was another girls night to see Dierks Bentley
We met the cowboy who won for bareback riding that night in the chute club. He was so excited-it was cute.

The last show we saw was Luke Bryan. I had seen him live before and he puts on a great show. The guys came to this one too but somehow I don't have any pictures with Shawn.

Never a dull moment with her.
He gave me a high five on his way out. He was fun.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sammy and JT are having a Baby!

We hosted a couples shower for Sammy and JT. I had never done one before and I had lots of fun planning. I am not one for games at a party so I tried really hard to make it entertaining.

Guess which two were ready for the party to start first?

Future college roomies.
This was my favorite game of the night. I froze babies in ice cubes and when your baby broke free you had to shout "my water broke."
Beer chugging from a baby bottle. The guys were very good at this game for some reason.
Bobbing for the tops of baby bottles.
Sometime in the last year or so Shawn and I have reached a stage of total teamwork when we have a party. We actually have fun and enjoy the process now. It only took 16 years but he is the yin to my party yang. I come up with crazy ideas and he figures out how to make it happen.

I am so excited to meet this little girl!
Shawn had the most fun with this game. Pin the sperm (complete with JT's head) on the uterus (hand drawn very well by Shawn-why don't I have a picture?)
The before of the baby ice cubes.
We were so grateful to have this shower for a couple we love so much.