Saturday, January 31, 2015

Graysen's January Style

Graysen is very picky about what she wears. I learned very early on that I had to give up on the perfect outfits I had planned in my head. She has an opinion and she will share it. She will also scream and cry and refuse despite all pleading or any type of disciplining. It has been difficult to deal with it. I let her be her own person as much as I can and try to guide when we have an important event. She is so cute and creative I am going to try and post pics in a monthly blog.

 Pajamas and a crown to the movies
 School outfit
 School outfit
 Play-time before nap-time
 Marrying Isaac in her wedding dress
 "My lipstick is perfect."
 Doesn't everyone go for a bike ride in faux fur and a dress?
 She definitely dressed herself for a play-date at the Liardons
 Top Golf attire
 Tea drinking
 Church wear
 Watching the airplanes at lunch with friends (notice everyone else in long sleeves)
 Movie date
 Who knows?
 Pedi-time with Daddy
 Doing dance at gymnastics
 Walking by our house
 Cheering on Mommy on a Saturday morning
 Play date with Anna Claire
 The last day of January concluded with this pretty number. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Graysen's first Longhorn basketball game

My dad helped Rick Barnes get furniture for his daughter at Gallery, and Rick gave him tickets for all of us to go to watch Texas play Kansas in Austin.

These are two of my favorite Mommy and Graysen pictures we have ever taken.

We walked in as the band was going by and we had a blast watching the drumline play. 

 Our usual family selfie.

 I could tell she thought it was awesome when the fight song came on and she jumped right in.
 Anna Claire's cousin Zack is a cheerleader and he aways tries to find us and say hi.

Like most sporting events these day the Longhorns lost, but we had a great day as a family. \m/

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Picnic in January

It was a beautiful spring-like day during a Houston winter so my friends planned a fun little picnic at a park in the Woodlands.
I loaded up Raggedy Ann and put the top down.
 Of course we had to take a selfie to send to Daddy.
 Picnic Pals

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Annual East Bernard Washer Festival

I love East Bernard. I loved it before we did Extreme Makeover and I loved it even more after. Kyle asks us to sponsor the washer festival every year. He is on the committee and they raise money for the Snowdrop Foundation, which is a great group,  so it is always an easy yes...and every year we load up and head down there. The last two years have been really fun because we have stopped and shown Graysen the Kubena family house. One day she will watch the show and I hope she gets the same feeling we get when we see it.
 How do you not love small town Texas?

 A place where you can dance in the street like no one is watching.

 And listen to Texas country stars like Adam Hood who is a favorite of mine.
 We jokingly call Uncle Kyle the mayor. He is getting set to run his first political race and I have already offered to help with the campaign.
 The annual plaque.
 We generally always run into some of the family and we were especially lucky to see both Kubena parents this year. 
 She loves her Uncle Kyle.

 We got to visit with Adam Hood and take a picture before leaving. I have been a fan for 7 years so it was pretty exciting for me.