Sunday, February 17, 2013

All Star Weekend

I really wanted to fulfill a dream for Uncle Chris by taking him to see his man crush Lebron so at the last minute I bought tickets for the All Star Game.

We took Graysen down early to look around and we saw the Budweiser Clydesdales.

We had to pull him away.

It was getting close to game time so Shawn and Graysen went home and Chris made some new friends.
The Lebron watch is on.

Every player walked by us before the game started but one. Guess which one? I thought I was going to need a box of tissues for Chris but he ended up seeing him before and after half-time. I was thankful for that thick safety glass so Chris couldn't get to him.

I met Drake in the 3rd quarter.

The West won so I was happy!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Graysen went to the title company with Mommy and Daddy for Valentine's morning.
  And then Stephy took her to Evan's party at school where she entertained everyone with her dance moves.

 Shawn sent me AMAZING flowers to the office. 
I worked really hard to make a dinner full of hearts. We had heart roasted potatoes.

Heart chicken pot pies.

and heart molten chocolate cakes.

After dinner everyone gave each other cards.

And the girls got matching shoes again this year.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Grammy Weekend

We headed out to LA for a little girls weekend and a to cross the number 2 item off my bucket list. I was so honored the girls asked me to go with them. Stephanie and Justine are part of the Grammy foundation and they are able to get tickets.

They get the award for prettiest smiles.

Our flight attendants were so fun and started our trip off right. 
 They even gave Justine these baby bottles as we were leaving.
 First stop- In-N-Out of course!
and then to our hotel


We checked in and had a drink before heading out to the Grammy Play It Forward concert.

 We thought we were ending the night at Chateau Marmont but after seeing Ed Sheeran our night was complete and we met our new friends at Greystone Manor. It was quite a first night!

We had a coffee bean down the street from us and it was the perfect morning pick me up.

We were ladies who lunched at the Ivy. It was perfect L.A weather.

I had never been to the staples center so it was fun to check it out pre-Grammy's when we picked up our tickets. We met the girls cousin for dinner and had a quiet night.

The next day we tried a place I had never been to for lunch. It is a new favorite. Stephanie is like Shazam for celebrities and spotted Sharon Stone and LA Reid at tables next to us. Sharon Stone doesn't look the same without make-up. I am talking seriously scary.
 Shopping on rodeo drive.

 We went to the Beverly Hilton for roof top drinks and a little people watching. I went to the restroom and a lady from Graysen's little gym class came to talk to me. Small world. We met our friends from the first night and a few new people and had a very unexpected fabulous time there. We almost didn't leave but we had big plans for the rest of the night.

 I took this picture to show Shawn that I know how to iron-I just prefer to be spoiled and have him do it for me.

The next day was Grammy day!!!

We had to make a stop on the way there.

It was so much better than I could have even imagined. It was like going to a concert and watching your top 20 playlist on your ipod live. I loved sharing the moment with people who love music as much as I do. We had a great time.

I had moments of feeling a little old. Especially looking at Justine's imstagram.

 I was ready to go home and see my babies the next day but I have my fingers crossed they invite me again.