Tuesday, October 15, 2013

An Early Birthday present

I had been dreading it all week. I had read all the negativity and expected the worst outcome. I woke up on Saturday and my first thought was-it is here- the Red River Rivalry. I watched Game Day and got angry all over again. I watched them flash 84% of the nation had picked OU to win. I thought surely I can't have two bad football birthday weekends two years in a row?
I pulled out my new socks (they have hearts and longhorns so they have to be lucky?) and said a little prayer.
I sat in my chair in our hotel room and told the girls we would be leaving after I saw the first two drives because I wouldn't be able to handle anymore.
It started. Texas had the ball first. With fingers crossed I watched McCoy take the team 61 yards in 15 plays and end in a field goal. I was happy and thought - maybe it won't be a blow-out. I started hoping the girls would take a little longer to get ready. The next drive our defense held them to a field goal. What?? Did that just happen?
I watched the Bergeron fumble and thought "here we go again."
 One of my favorite football moments happened minutes later as I watched Chris Whaley intercept that ball and saw all 295 lbs of him run that ball in for a touchdown. I could watch that play over and over and over again. Myself and thousands of Longhorns watching that game suddenly thought we had a chance to beat them. The girls were ready, but entertained themselves by watching my jumping, clapping, and screaming. The first half was over and it was 23-10. I had to go to ACL.
 I ran into one of my favorites, Dan Dyer, in the artist lounge and thought the day couldn't get any better. I joined the other football fans (quite a few for a music festival) around the T.V and cheered my heart out.
The fourth quarter had a few minutes of hoping we didn't blow it in the end. We didn't and I will never forget that ending score. I loved that I was in Austin for the win. I loved that so many people were so excited around us. The air had such awesome energy.
I was just hopeful that the Kings Of Leon put on a good performance since we had just beat their team in the most awesome way.
We got there early and had front row seats. We were so excited to see them.
They were  AMAZING. They played all of our favorites from the new album.  They seemed genuinely happy with the energy of the crowd. It started raining at the end and the kept playing for 30 minutes longer than their scheduled time.
I saw Case McCoy walk by and Steph said "Isn't that the quarterback?" right as the crowd erupted in cheers. I thought it was awesome he was in the V.I.P area with all the KOL wives and that he had to have gotten his pass from the band. Very classy guys-I loved them more. The best moment was at the end of the concert,in the pouring rain, when he stopped to take a picture with us. I gave him the biggest hug and told him thank you for one of my favorite days. He was beaming. I am so happy he has a little legacy of his own. I will always be thankful to him for that game and for November 4th, 2011.
 I love this picture. Dancing and singing (and your football team winning) in the rain is seriously good for your soul. I will never forget this day.