Saturday, December 24, 2011

G's Christmas present and a few things I am thankful for

After two months of saying "I think she is teething" Graysen gave us an early Christmas present yesterday by getting her first tooth. Ironically she had one of her best nights sleep in a few weeks and we would never had known had I not seen it helping Shawn change a particularly special diaper. This is the picture I took on my phone before we left for the day.

This is our 14th Christmas together. We have a very efficient assembly line between us. I get everything ready in piles and I put labels on after he wraps. I am so thankful Shawn wraps presents. I am very slow and terrible at it. I also just don't enjoy it at all. This year brought a new complication because our very active 7 month old wanted to get into everything. We ran out of tape last night and while he was gone she had chewed a tag off a shirt, chewed a bow off a box, and picked up one item and had it in the kitchen when I looked for it. She provided lots of laughter and entertainment for us but we were much more productive after her bedtime.

Yesterday we finished our shopping and as we were driving I realized how much I appreciate Shawn's ability to know the quickest way to get anywhere. I am always amazed at his knowledge of every back road in our area. We were done much faster than I thought and had time to relax and enjoy our little family last night.
Merry Christmas Eve! We are off to spend the day with friends and then family.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shawn might have a sugar problem.

He has always had his gummi bears on his nightstand...
But I have recently noticed he is always chewing something. I started seeing stashes around the house. I have no idea when he bought this, but he brought it out for our friends on Saturday.
He bought these cupcakes as a "surprise" for me when he picked up lunch this weekend.

This is last years peppermint bark which I was going to throw away until he got mad at me.
He went to Target last week by himself. Did he remember the boogie wipes we needed? No, but he did manage to pick up these Andes mints and the popcorn which he carries around at night.

Someone is taking the holiday weight gain very seriously....

Sunday, December 11, 2011

We have a 6 month old...

Well actually she is 6 days away from 7 months but we have had a few things going on in our house. I didn't want to skip it because it is the only place I know where her statistics are. We decided to take her to Disney for her first half birthday (not really, the trip was planned since before her birth, but it just sounds awesome for all the people that tell me I spoil my child). I had a goal to have her on a plane by 6 months and we just made it.

She makes it so easy on Mommy and Daddy when she gets her shots. She cries for less than 10 seconds and is then her usual happy self for the rest of the day. She was 27" and 18 lbs 4 ozs (85% for both) at her 6 month check-up. Shawn has to go to all her appointments and you can tell this just makes her so sad.

Her are a few of her pictures from her 6 month session. She was still recovering from her stomach bug so she wasn't smiling as much as usual but Deanna managed to get some good ones. A big thank you to Marisa for helping me with ideas since I had been very busy at work and didn't really know what I wanted.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I might have a favorite Liardon kid....

Shhh...I know I'm not supposed to have a favorite. I tried...really, but I just can't help it. Before Disney a certain curly haired red one held a special place in my heart, but after seven days with this five year old I am smitten.

Look at the shear excitement on her face as the plane was about to take off.
She is pure joy to be around.
She is thankful for whatever happiness occurs in her day.
She is a very pretty princess.(They all were....we had the prettiest princesses at the ball)
She is an awesome picture taker.

She plays well with everyone.

She and my nephew are the sweetest children to Graysen.
Little G is very smitten as well.
I was so honored to be her ride pal on our trip. She would occasionally allow other people to join our space too.

She is a champion lollipop sucker. Such determination to finish.
I feel very blessed to know a child with such an awesome personality. She is beautiful on the inside and out and I hope she teaches Graysen a thing or two.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Teething, stomach bug, growth spurt, and a cold=no sleep insanity

This was my birthday, October 16th. It was the last time I was well. It wasn't the best birthday and it certainly hasn't been all that great since then. Shawn is getting the short stick on that whole in sickness and in health thing. He probably wants to trade me in for a new model. I don't blame him. He has also had to deal with getting whatever Graysen and I have so our family is just wishing for a healthy Christmas.

We both had a version of a cold from mid October through mid November. The week before we went to Disney Graysen got it too, as well as a stomach bug. She gave the stomach bug to Shawn on the day we left for Disney, and I had it the day we flew home and Thanksgiving Day. I managed to get her dressed before crawling back in bed. Shawn went to his Dad's and I spent the day in bed.
Thanksgiving week was the worst week we had with her. She was teething, getting over the stomach bug, enjoying a new strain of a cold, and attempting to have a growth spurt. Do you know how hard it is to drink 49 ozs in one day with a cold? The nights were spent in hour long trade-offs with her. She seemed to only be happy being held upright. One morning I wearily climbed out of bed to take my turn and saw this on our couch. They seemed so comfortable and I know they didn't mind the extra hour of sleep I got out of it too.
We hoped she would be on a schedule by this age but there seems to be no sign of consistency in our future. I am hopeful things will improve as we get better. She still has a stuffy nose and we both still have coughs. She is very happy during the day and that smile can get you through some rough nights.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mommy and Daddy's First Trip Away

Shawn and I went on our first trip away the weekend before last. It was much harder to leave Graysen than I thought it would be. There might have been a tear or two shed, but once I was on the plane I started to relax and enjoy myself. We needed the time away to enjoy each other's company and spend time with friends. We headed out to Napa and Sonoma for our "Annual" food and wine festival. When I say annual, I mean 2nd time in 3 years. We do intend to go next year.We started the first morning at Cakebread for a private group wine tasting. The weather was perfect and the scenery beautiful.

We moved on to Far Niente and had a great time there too..

Some people enjoyed the non-wine drinkers tasting too.
It was time for an afternoon picnic..

and storytelling by Brian
We ended the day with boche ball at another winery.
The next day we started the food and wine festival. You purchase a ticket that is good for about 60 wineries in Sonoma over a two day time period. Every winery serves food and does a tasting.

Shawnathan enjoying the view.

The ladies in other groups really liked Shawn. He was asked to take pictures by MANY people. Maybe they knew he was our designated driver and not enjoying the wine....
It was a great weekend with friends..
great scenery...
and good wine...
We hated stepping off that plane into the Houston heat and humidity but we were ready to be home and see our baby girl.