Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt

We didn't have it last year because I was uber pregnant so I did my best to make up for it this year.

We had some very fun Easter Bunnies. I think next year they should wear costumes.

I love this picture of Conner chilling in the planter.  I'm king of the world.
I had this great vision of all the babies taking a picture together. There were 8 there and these were the 3 that made the shot (naps, feeding schedule, mom's doing thier own thing). Katie said Isaac was crying because his basket didn't have his name on it, but I am pretty sure he just wanted the egg hunting to begin.

G -Mama helping Leila find an egg

Lil Sis checking out Big Sis's loot

After the little kids were done it was time for the big kids to go

I am sure he won't appreciate this picture but it was too awesome not to share. Speaking of appreciation I had no idea how much he helped us until I looked through the pictures, but a big thank you from the Speer family for making it such a good day for the kids.
The kids were excited to pick their prizes from their eggs with numbers in them.
Nothing makes me happier than when the person I bought a prize for wins it. I saw this Dora basket and really hoped Leila would get it and she did.
There was a puppet show? I completely missed this so I am happy Shawn took my camera for awhile.
My how our lives have changed.... 
Graysen is very interested in the donkey
Aunt Terie is telling the kids about Trixie, her pet donkey.
Nothing says daughterly love like a confetti egg smashed on your head
Girl time starts at such an early age
It was a great day and we can't wait to do it again next year.