Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthday Fun

We started off the big day by going to Abigale's newborn shoot. Graysen was helping Mrs. Deanna get ready.
 I couldn't wait to put her birthday bloomers on her.
 G has the honor of sharing her birthday with my Mom. So her DD, Shawn, and I went to the children's museum.

 Shawn had almost as much fun as her.
 She already loves driving like her Daddy.
 And being an engineer.

 Shawn still having fun.
 After all that hard work it was time to take a nap.
 DD and Mommy had birthday bubbles.
 "Are all of these people here for my Birthday?"
 A huge group of people for her to entertain. Do you see that smile?

 We ended the day with a birthday dinner at Jasper's.

As a birthday treat she tried a french fry for the first time.

 She said YUMMY.
We had a great day off work and enjoyed celebrating her special day with my Mom.