Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Break- random pics that won't fit in other blogs the right way

My ski instructor Ben. I loved him. He was a perfect teacher for me. He completely got my personality and handled my faults. He also had cool stories like teaching Angelina Jolie and their kids the week before.

 The pizza is mastered-I can't wait to see her on the slopes next year

 Liardon exhaustion
yeah-that was my look at the end of making it down that hill every time
 Jeremy got a cramp. We didn't mean to laugh but it was really funny. And Katie did what every good wife would do for the moment-take a picture.
 I skied with Pat for a day and had a blast. We are perfect ski pals-nice and slow.
 Jeremy joined for about ten minutes (we got along). I had looked forward to skiing with him but I think we might have been a little too slow.
 This was my 3rd attempt to ski and the first time I have ever enjoyed it. I want to go back (but never to that condo again).