Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Break-the first part

It was our first big road trip (not Shawn's but first for G and myself)
I was actually excited to load into our van and get started. I loved having so much room to pack. I waited until all the items were in and then kept putting more kitchen ware until I knew Shawn really was at his limit.

We opened up some wine (which I was scared to drink because I wasn't going to be the one that needed a potty break) and started on our journey.
I fell asleep and woke up in the mountains. We stopped at a breakfast place the Kompelien's knew about. It operates as a bowling alley during the day and it was all sorts of awesome.

We loaded back up to finish the four hours. The other group stopped to sleep so we hit the grocery store on the way in- 4 baskets in an hour. We could have won a game show for our shopping efficiency. 
Fortunately we also went to get the ski lift tickets and the rentals sorted out. I am so glad we were able to do this the day before because it involved 4 places and about two hours to work through. The group sales people weren't as efficient as our grocery shopping.

We finally got our rentals and of course Graysen thought she should plie in her ski boots. I was excited the process was smoother for her than the year before.
That lasted until the morning when she went to put her clothes on.
Ski buddies at lunch

Uncle Jer-Bear sweetly pushed the kids down on the um..air mattress. It worked great.
Overall the condo we stayed at was my worst booking ever. We didn't have a fan or a window and our room was 90 degrees every night so we didn't sleep at all. One room didn't have a closet (for 7 people) or an ensuite bathroom, and the bed situation was terrible. It started the trip off badly because it was a little intense. 
I did love the dining table-it was perfect for the kids.