Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sammy and JT are having a Baby!

We hosted a couples shower for Sammy and JT. I had never done one before and I had lots of fun planning. I am not one for games at a party so I tried really hard to make it entertaining.

Guess which two were ready for the party to start first?

Future college roomies.
This was my favorite game of the night. I froze babies in ice cubes and when your baby broke free you had to shout "my water broke."
Beer chugging from a baby bottle. The guys were very good at this game for some reason.
Bobbing for the tops of baby bottles.
Sometime in the last year or so Shawn and I have reached a stage of total teamwork when we have a party. We actually have fun and enjoy the process now. It only took 16 years but he is the yin to my party yang. I come up with crazy ideas and he figures out how to make it happen.

I am so excited to meet this little girl!
Shawn had the most fun with this game. Pin the sperm (complete with JT's head) on the uterus (hand drawn very well by Shawn-why don't I have a picture?)
The before of the baby ice cubes.
We were so grateful to have this shower for a couple we love so much.