Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Break- the middle part

We took one day to go into the town of crested butte. It was as cute as I remembered.

I loved that Anna found this piece of snow.

They had a hat store which is Speer happiness. Shawn had to have this top hat and proudly wore in through the streets.
Our lunch place was awesome. We all loved it and I continue to love trip advisor for finding things for me.

That is about how our week went. We weren't pleasant to be around.
Snow angels.

This was so fun and very nice of Uncle Nat and Uncle Jer-Bear to help the kids sled. It was work for them.

The kids really had a good time. They all had friends and when I think back about this week I will always be grateful they created such fun memories together-because it is all for the kids anyway.