Thursday, March 14, 2013

Disney Day 4

Rose didn't feel well and was sick during the night so we lost two members of the group because Katie stayed behind with her.

It was a beautiful morning in Animal Kingdom
The kids started out by playing a little music.

We had breakfast with Safari Mickey and friends. It was my favorite breakfast.

The Liardon girls stopped to have their faces painted and Jeremy suggested I have Graysen's done. What? I tried to stifle my laughter at the thought of her sitting still. 

Is this MY child? Sitting? For TEN minutes? Apparently Graysen loves make-up. It was one of my favorite things I have watched her do. She kept asking for lipstick.

Such a pretty princess.

Lucy has the best cheese face of any kid. Ever.
I was missing Rose.

We had a little downtown so the ole Jer Bear practiced his modeling skills. I am sure the scouts will be calling any day now.

Thomas and Anna rode the new Everest ride 5 times. We figured out the parent swap on this trip and it helped everyone have a great time.
Isaac isn't sure what to make of those glasses.

We sat and enjoyed the weather while Thomas and Anna rode the ride again.

Rose was starting to feel better so we got in line to meet them at Hollywood Studios. It was the longest wait. It was the only time I felt that the bus system was running insufficiently and of course it happened while we were meeting parts of the group.

Graysen was entertained by her new buddy.

He really helped out with her and I was very thankful. He is turning into such an awesome little adult.

We rested while the kids ran around honey I shrunk the kids.

Stephy kept the kids while we went out for an adult dinner.

Who would have guessed there is a 5 star restaurant on Disney property?

The guys tried really hard to get that carriage going but in the end we had to take a taxi.