Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Disney Day 3

The weather from Day 2 was gone and was replaced with beautiful sunny skies. We were off to my favorite of all the parks-Magic Kingdom.
Graysen was really get into the princess castle by this day.
I was never without a partner. I love her so much.

Isaac's favorite spot.
Graysen loved it's a small world when she was six months. Shawn had the video camera ready. It may be old but it is a classic and still perfect for all ages.
Lots of rides.

That is a giddy smile. The adults love Disney too.
That isn't a giddy smile. She needs to get with the program.

Peek-a-boo in line.

 Really you two?

Shawn and his magic sunglasses.

Graysen got a turn.
While waiting for dinner at the Crystal Palace Shawn convinced everyone to go into the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. His childhood memory of it is very different from reality but at least we got some exercise.

Speaking of exercise the kids let off a little (well, actually lots) of energy.
This was loud. Graysen learned to JUMP and has kept that trick up since our return.

Our table was finally ready and we got to meet Pooh and friends.
Piglet is wondering who this creeper is. Nice face Shawn.

Graysen did pretty well with the characters. She liked high fives better than hugs.