Monday, March 11, 2013

Disney Day 1

I had the Disney bug and no plans for Spring Break so after convincing the Liardon's to join us we set-off to visit Orlando again. It really wasn't a big deal to plan a 6 day trip for 10 people 5 weeks before. I really do love it. Shawn keeps trying to tell me I can't go every 18 months but I am not listening.

Boo made his way through security and didn't have to get searched.

Even though G and Isaac were both under two I decided to get a seat for them to share. He came to play with her for a little while on the plane so his Mommy and Daddy could watch movies.

A quick 90 minutes later we were on the tram to baggage claim.
One Magical Express bus trip later Shawn was enjoying his first Disney snack.
The little one needed naps so we took the older ones to explore our hotel.

We had a date at the ball and this little Princess didn't want to get dressed.
Our first of many waits in line.
No pictures please.

Ready to meet Cinderella.

Someone was a little excited about his Mickey plate.
That smile is why I love traveling with kids-so happy and true joy.
We finally made a parade and watched the fireworks show. Graysen was up way past her usual bedtime.

We ended the night in the arcade room and found out that Stephanie is quite the basketball player. She even beat the great Jeremy one time.