Monday, December 5, 2011

Teething, stomach bug, growth spurt, and a cold=no sleep insanity

This was my birthday, October 16th. It was the last time I was well. It wasn't the best birthday and it certainly hasn't been all that great since then. Shawn is getting the short stick on that whole in sickness and in health thing. He probably wants to trade me in for a new model. I don't blame him. He has also had to deal with getting whatever Graysen and I have so our family is just wishing for a healthy Christmas.

We both had a version of a cold from mid October through mid November. The week before we went to Disney Graysen got it too, as well as a stomach bug. She gave the stomach bug to Shawn on the day we left for Disney, and I had it the day we flew home and Thanksgiving Day. I managed to get her dressed before crawling back in bed. Shawn went to his Dad's and I spent the day in bed.
Thanksgiving week was the worst week we had with her. She was teething, getting over the stomach bug, enjoying a new strain of a cold, and attempting to have a growth spurt. Do you know how hard it is to drink 49 ozs in one day with a cold? The nights were spent in hour long trade-offs with her. She seemed to only be happy being held upright. One morning I wearily climbed out of bed to take my turn and saw this on our couch. They seemed so comfortable and I know they didn't mind the extra hour of sleep I got out of it too.
We hoped she would be on a schedule by this age but there seems to be no sign of consistency in our future. I am hopeful things will improve as we get better. She still has a stuffy nose and we both still have coughs. She is very happy during the day and that smile can get you through some rough nights.