Sunday, December 11, 2011

We have a 6 month old...

Well actually she is 6 days away from 7 months but we have had a few things going on in our house. I didn't want to skip it because it is the only place I know where her statistics are. We decided to take her to Disney for her first half birthday (not really, the trip was planned since before her birth, but it just sounds awesome for all the people that tell me I spoil my child). I had a goal to have her on a plane by 6 months and we just made it.

She makes it so easy on Mommy and Daddy when she gets her shots. She cries for less than 10 seconds and is then her usual happy self for the rest of the day. She was 27" and 18 lbs 4 ozs (85% for both) at her 6 month check-up. Shawn has to go to all her appointments and you can tell this just makes her so sad.

Her are a few of her pictures from her 6 month session. She was still recovering from her stomach bug so she wasn't smiling as much as usual but Deanna managed to get some good ones. A big thank you to Marisa for helping me with ideas since I had been very busy at work and didn't really know what I wanted.