Saturday, December 24, 2011

G's Christmas present and a few things I am thankful for

After two months of saying "I think she is teething" Graysen gave us an early Christmas present yesterday by getting her first tooth. Ironically she had one of her best nights sleep in a few weeks and we would never had known had I not seen it helping Shawn change a particularly special diaper. This is the picture I took on my phone before we left for the day.

This is our 14th Christmas together. We have a very efficient assembly line between us. I get everything ready in piles and I put labels on after he wraps. I am so thankful Shawn wraps presents. I am very slow and terrible at it. I also just don't enjoy it at all. This year brought a new complication because our very active 7 month old wanted to get into everything. We ran out of tape last night and while he was gone she had chewed a tag off a shirt, chewed a bow off a box, and picked up one item and had it in the kitchen when I looked for it. She provided lots of laughter and entertainment for us but we were much more productive after her bedtime.

Yesterday we finished our shopping and as we were driving I realized how much I appreciate Shawn's ability to know the quickest way to get anywhere. I am always amazed at his knowledge of every back road in our area. We were done much faster than I thought and had time to relax and enjoy our little family last night.
Merry Christmas Eve! We are off to spend the day with friends and then family.