Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mommy and Daddy's First Trip Away

Shawn and I went on our first trip away the weekend before last. It was much harder to leave Graysen than I thought it would be. There might have been a tear or two shed, but once I was on the plane I started to relax and enjoy myself. We needed the time away to enjoy each other's company and spend time with friends. We headed out to Napa and Sonoma for our "Annual" food and wine festival. When I say annual, I mean 2nd time in 3 years. We do intend to go next year.We started the first morning at Cakebread for a private group wine tasting. The weather was perfect and the scenery beautiful.

We moved on to Far Niente and had a great time there too..

Some people enjoyed the non-wine drinkers tasting too.
It was time for an afternoon picnic..

and storytelling by Brian
We ended the day with boche ball at another winery.
The next day we started the food and wine festival. You purchase a ticket that is good for about 60 wineries in Sonoma over a two day time period. Every winery serves food and does a tasting.

Shawnathan enjoying the view.

The ladies in other groups really liked Shawn. He was asked to take pictures by MANY people. Maybe they knew he was our designated driver and not enjoying the wine....
It was a great weekend with friends..
great scenery...
and good wine...
We hated stepping off that plane into the Houston heat and humidity but we were ready to be home and see our baby girl.