Monday, January 2, 2012

Our First Christmas

Dear Little G,

Mommy and Daddy were so excited for our first Christmas together. We dreamed about it last year when you were still growing in Mommy's belly. You will come to find out your parents are crazy about the holidays. Mommy has a storage room just for her decorations and Daddy has a hard time going to sleep Christmas Eve because he is waiting for Santa Claus. We had lots of fun figuring out what we want to do with you every year. We like listening to other families and reading about what they do, and we also came up with some of our own ideas. Mommy can't wait to start the family traditions she has planned. We hope you love this time of year as much as us.
We had a very fun-filled Christmas weekend. We started with lunch with friends. You got to see your friend Hawken who is such a cutey.
You then played with your friends at church while we were with Uncle Lee, Aunt Marisa, and Grandpa and Dolores at Mommy's favorite service of the year. You got in a quick nap while driving to Big Papa's and Mimi's. Your cousin Leila hugged you right away, and we thought you all were so cute in your matching outfits.

It was hard to focus on anything other than this dessert display.
Since you got your first tooth the day before our holidays were filled with alot of this..
And Mommy survived by drinking lots of this...
Leila and Jaxson had their Christmas Eve spirit in full swing.
You just wanted to chew on the bows from Daddy's presents.
The next morning we went to Aunt Kelly's where all of Daddy's family was. We had cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate, and watched you and your cousins play. Aunt Marisa made your Christmas morning outfit. We were all so impressed. She could sell them on Etsy.
And again we enjoyed you girls matching. Ya'll just enjoyed playing with each other.
Uncle Josh gave you and Tessa these outfits for Christmas, and you happily wore it for his birthday a couple days later. You really like your Uncle Josh and Mommy thought it was so cute that he designed an outfit for you and your cousin. Aunt Kelly helped by picking out sparkly jeans to match.
We couldn't wait to give Jaxson and Leila their Christmas present. We bought them in November and had to stare at them for a month.
I loved playing in their tent with them.
Uncle Lee and Aunt Marisa bought you this ride along toy. It plays a really awesome (and by awesome I mean annoying) abc song that stays in Mommy's head ALL day long. You love it and I think it might be your favorite toy.
We had to take advantage of the cousins being together and have a 2nd outfit for Christmas.
I was so happy to get these pictures.
Next we went to Grandpa and Dolores's house. They gave you a walker and you immediately loved it.

Mommy got a very special Christmas present by getting to see your cousin Aidan. I was not expecting it and it made my day. You guys were so excited to see each other.
And I was so excited to play with both of you.

Daddy made Grandpa a special picture that he really loved. Someday we will tell you about Grandpaland.
The next day DD and great-Granny came home and, you got your first baby doll. You loved her at first sight and play with her all the time. We just need to convince you her bottle isn't your bottle.

We got home from Christmas day activities around 6 and, Daddy and Mommy finally got to enjoy time as our little family. We wanted to give you a special first present. We looked everywhere and, Daddy saw this at a toy store. Your Aunt's and Uncle had one when they were little and Daddy really wanted to get it. If you are an engineer like him you will love it. You enjoy using it to stand and sucking on the metal at the moment.

After you played with that Mommy and Daddy gave each other presents. Mommy was so happy with Daddy for paying attention to her and was reading a book she got when Daddy pulled a present out from under the couch. He said he forgot to give me your present. You gave me my blog printed out as a book with a note. I was so surprised I had a little tear of happiness. I didn't even know Daddy knew I wanted to do that...and then he said you had one more present for me and it was behind the Christmas nutcracker. It was our new house plans wrapped up. Daddy had been spending days with the architectural control committee for our new neighborhood working on getting approval. This made Mommy so happy and she had more than just a little tear of happiness. The plans were finally done which means this time next year we will have your 2nd Christmas in Mommy's dream home. We can't wait to experience this next year with you, and see what the next Christmas blog will look like.

Mommy and Daddy