Saturday, February 28, 2015

Things I loved during the month of Love

My hairdresser had fun and pinned my hair up so it looked short. I loved the look and Shawn sort of admitted he did too. Maybe someday he will let me cut it.

  Brooke Fraser used to sing with Hillsong and her concert was unexpectedly fabulous.
 I had to work a junior league literacy event one morning and I had an hour break. I never just sit at a coffee shop. I worked on my bible study and that hour was good for my soul.
 We supported Shawn's sister and the Klein F.F.A. We love this organization and what it does for the kids. This year we bought a cow, pig, and some shallots.

 I love a princess birthday party..and these girls.
 After church picnic at the park. 
 Happy hugs in the morning.
 Daddy surprising us with gifts after we got back from Napa.
 First haircuts
 Sending pics of the glasses I really want to buy to Shawn.
 Meeting a new niece. My brother and his fiancĂ© had a beautiful baby girl named Catherine.
 She already sort of smiled at me.
 I love our grow group at church. These people are such a great support system and we are blessed to have prayer partners like them.