Sunday, February 15, 2015

Napa Day 3

We got up bright and early and headed over to check an item off the bucket list. I was terrified. Really

 *word of advice-there isn't a little gate you open and walk into the cabin-you have to jump over-nobody told me that-don't wear a dress

 It is magical when you are in the air. 

 The most beautiful sunrise yet.

 Our captain was hilarious. He has been flying hot air balloons for 30 years so I felt pretty safe.
After we finished we had a congratulatory champagne brunch and loaded the car up.
 The Carneros Inn is without a doubt my favorite place to stay. You have your own individual cottage and the property is amazing.
 We headed over to plumpjack and I took a picture with the birthday girl.

 That wine glass is beautiful I think.

 Quick picnic at Oakville before heading off to the airport. We weren't ready to leave.
 The company sent us several pictures when we got home. It finished off an amazing three days.