Saturday, February 14, 2015

Napa Day 2

I woke up to a delivery to our room on Valentine's Day. I love that no matter where we are he always sends me our wedding flowers for Valentine's Day.
 We headed to eat at our favorite breakfast place. A place where the wait is sort of worth it so you can hang out on this swing and enjoy the California air and yummy coffee.
 Keeping that romance alive ;)
 What day isn't going to be fab when it starts out with a drink like that?
 The Del Datto caves.
 We had a special treat at the end of our tour because Mr. Del Datto (the Godfather of wine) was hanging out in the atrium. We had a fun talk with him. 
 Picture Stop. It is always a little stressful when you have a group traveling together for the first time. It was awesome to see the guys have as much fun as the girls.
 Selfie #15 of the trip. I'm getting my wine smile on.
 We loved our tour guide on the Schramsberg tour. She was awesome and knowledgable and totally loved her job and champagne. We could be friends if I lived there-I know it.
 She even took great group pictures.

 and set-up such a romantic tasting. 

We went back to the hotel to change really quick and then went to Morimoto for dinner. I had never been and always read about it so I was very excited. It didn't disappoint. It was a very eclectic mix of food and these two adventurous foodies enjoyed some strange delicacy's. 

It was a perfect day.