Friday, February 13, 2015

Napa- Day 1

We headed out for a quick trip to celebrate the Valentine's Day weekend in one of our favorite towns-Napa. Alone time, amazing food, the best wine, and fun times with friends.

I love the feeling when make it to your seat on the plane and the stress of it all just melts away.
 This is quickly becoming the traditional California first stop. We had a fun experience in the bathroom when a lady told me I smelled like Nordstrom's and wanted to know what perfume I was wearing. I showed her the spray deodorant I had just borrowed from Kristin. This started a weekend of laughter whenever it came up.
 We jumped right in to wine tasting/tours and started with one of our favorites. This was my 6th visit to Cakebread and I always love taking new people.

 Our next stop was O'brien. We all LOVED it. A friend I made many years ago now manages it and he made sure we had a wonderful time-so much so that I barely took any pictures.

When Stephy is on a trip you always get amazing pictures. I love the lighting in these few she took.
Nothing to do. Nowhere to be.
Classic Shawn

I love red wine teeth that happen towards the end of the day.

 We watched the sunset at the beautiful Alpha and Omega and shared a bottle of wine.
We ended the night by the fire at our hotel.