Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Pals

Aunt Marisa came to visit (more on that on another blog) and brought a pumpkin and a great idea she had seen with her. Before we got started with our photo session the girls had to play because they hadn't seen each other for a whole 12 hours.
The engineers got together to plan their pumpkin attack.
and Shawn gleefully went to work...
Pumpkin carving is serious work and the cousins needed to get a nap in before their photo session.....
Uncle Chris tested out the safety of our freshly carved pumpkin.
and photo time began...
"Does my hair look o.k in this one?"
"I need a potty break"
"Is this the pose you were looking for?"
Graysen to Tessa - "You know they just want this for blackmail when we are 18?"
Tessa to Graysen "Can you just look up so we can be done with this already..I'm hungry"
and a few of my favs....

Thanks Aunt Marisa for sharing your idea.