Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Avocados or Peas?...that was the question

Graysen had been eating cereal for a week so I decided to try "regular food." I couldn't wait to use my baby cook and baby bullet. I read 3 (yes, three books about baby nutrition) and decided to start with green vegetables first. I really wanted her first food to be peas partially just to torment Shawn who has a particular dislike for the vegetable. It stems from a childhood cousin turture session and he is more than happy to tell the story if you ask. I bought avocados and peas at the store and decided to go with the avocados first. Guacamole was my one pregnancy craving so I thought she might already like the taste. It took about 5 minutes for one avocado to make six servings of food.

Camera, video recorder, everyone gathered around, first bib out, and we were ready for the big moment.

and here we go....

hmmm.that is interesting

let me use my fingers to put more back into my mouth

the next morning I was lazy and just took her shirt off..she really got the hang of spreading it everywhere

After four successful days of avocados we moved on to peas. One bag made 10 servings of food. That is 75% less than buying jars of food which means I have more money to buy those bows some people complain about.

This morning she was helping the spoon in her mouth so I am very happy with the progress. Now the question is what to try next.