Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big Boys Don't Cry

I love my fantasy football league. I enjoy the people in it. I love that half of us were new to the process last year and we all learned together. I love how competitive we all are. I woke up on draft day like a kid on Christmas morning. I waited in anticipation to know my draft number. I knew I wanted Aaron Rodgers for my quarterback and was so happy when I got him. I got some looks for picking my QB that early but I did it anyways. I love tailgating before Texans games when half of my team is there and we are smack talking with each other. I love the stress of watching my points all day Sunday wondering what is going to happen.

I dislike the guy who asked if there were any "chicks" in the league this year. I disliked it so much that Shawn helped me come up with a team name fitting of a girl who likes to be a smart alec.

Here is a screen shot of my league. That is me at the very top. "The Playtex Ponies"
The thing I love most about my league at the moment is being the only undefeated person and the only "chick" in the league...and the guy who referred to me as the "chick"...that is him all the way at the last place.

My fantasy football idol "Keopectate" sent me a life-fulfilling text the other day. Fantasy Football Queen. Who knows what the rest of the season holds, but it has certainly been fun so far.