Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Different Kind Of Romance

Our first year of dating Shawn's job involved working through Sunday night. After staying up for 24 hours he would somehow find the energy to drive to my house and leave me something on my car. Sometimes it was a flower and sometimes (my favorite) he would leave hand drawn notes. It was the cutest thing. Over the years he still does little romantic things, but like most relationships that new relationship romance evolves into something else long term. I guess you could call it life events appreciation. I have listened to my friends talk about the appreciation of their spouse when having a child and feeling of love that hasn't been experienced before. I have heard other people complain because their expectations of their spouse in this new situation weren't being met. I had no doubt which category I would be in. I am VERY spoiled by Shawn. He takes care of me and puts up with me in a way no one else would. I had no doubt he would spoil her too.

I wanted a cute diaper bag. You have to carry it around everywhere and I do love my accessories. We looked everywhere we went and couldn't find something we liked. We went to the Galleria to buy the only one that we both thought was ok and Shawn wanted to try Louis Vuitton first. I told him they stopped making diaper bags three years ago but he insisted. I am happy he won that argument because he looked at the luggage and saw they did some custom pieces. I will admit Mommy got a little jealous of Graysen after Daddy spent an hour with the guy coming up with this. He was so happy when it came in. She is going to love it someday. I love it now.

Shawn is the decorator in our relationship. Show me a color wheel of paint samples and it brings an immediate shudder. All I knew was I wanted it to be gray and pink and have this crystal chandelier that I saw. We both wanted a round crib and it is about the same price to have custom bedding. I had no idea what that would entail. He spent days going to every fabric store in Houston trying to find pink and gray fabrics that coordinated. He drove me CRAZY showing me fabric samples but when he showed me the drawing he made to send to the lady it was the best feeling. He really tried hard to make it perfect for her and when I do the blog about her nursery you will see that it is.

One of my friends from Canada posted some pictures of a shadow box with her newborns hand and foot done in plaster. I thought it was such a neat thing to have and told Shawn about it. He went on-line and found a kit and ordered it. It was quite the adventure keeping her foot still for 2 minutes. I will post the final product when he is done painting it.

Those are the things I expected to have happen.

What I didn't expect was the overwhelming love you feel when you walk in the door from running an errand to see this..

These moments are what life is really about ..and I am so happy to be on this journey with Shawn.

Happy First Father's Day William Shawn Speer

Your girls love you very much.