Thursday, July 7, 2011

Graysen's 6 Week Report Card

I know I already posted this on Facebook but I wanted to put it on the Blog as well just in case I lose the piece of paper. I went to go work-out the other morning. In case that makes it sound like I do that everyday it was my first morning and I thought I was going to die after 25 minutes. No idea how people have the energy to fit that in after having a baby. It put me on the edge of exhaustion after a week.

I came home after 45 minutes and found this with Graysen.

I told you Shawn was creative..and awesome. It made me laugh all day. And yes, I did pout about getting a meets expectations score for style and accessories. That is the one area I am 100% responsible. When I asked him about it he said that he knew she would look great so it wasn't exceeding expectations..Hmmm. We will see what the 12 week report card brings. I have upped my game. Bows and shoes everyday.