Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coming Home

Graysen is going to be a month old tomorrow and I am just now doing her coming home day. I thought about skipping it but I would have left out some important visitors.

We were very happy that we got to spend a few hours in the room by ourselves with her. We had a very good 2nd night except for one
nurse who was so annoying, I had to wake Shawn up to get rid of her. He knew by the way I said his name it was about to get ugly and he very sweetly got out of bed and in his very nice Shawn way told her to get lost. I can not say enough nice things about Texas Women's Hospital. I was questioning my decision a little before but I am so thankful that I delivered there. With the exception of that one baby night nurse, everyone was fantastic.

Rochelle and Todd stopped by around lunch time to visit, and Rochelle helped pack up our room, which was very nice. I was ready to leave that morning, but we had to wait for the pediatrician to clear her. Shawn was very anxious to leave and had everything packed by noon.

Auntie Jennise was working and I was worried about her making it in time. She showed up right as the pediatrician released us.

Big Poppa and Mimi sent us an amazing flower arrangement. It was so pretty all the nurses came by our room to see it. We weren't sure how we were going to get it home and when Shawn called Mimi she came over to help us.
We wouldn't have made it home without the help. We seemed to multiply in items.

Shawn was so anxious to get home, that while I was talking to Jennise I didn't realize he had taken EVERYTHING down to the car. So instead of my dress and old faithful flip flops, I was wheeled out of the hospital in my nightgown and shoeless. Those pictures just weren't pretty.
My engineer husband was very nervous he wasn't going to pass the car seat test...
but he did just fine.
When we got home we unloaded as fast as possible and got ready for Aunt Marisa and Uncle Lee to come over who drove in from Dallas for the occasion. We were so excited for Graysen to meet her cousins, including Marisa's newest who we had only seen once. Tessa and Graysen are 4 weeks apart and we hope they grow up to be the bestest of friends.
Unfortunately this is the only pic of Marisa. If you look really closely at the left hand corner you can see her pretty smile. We didn't realize how jaundiced Graysen was until we saw her next to Tessa.
It was fun to have Jaxson, Leila, Tessa, and Graysen all together.
Shawn bought Bearnard and put him in our wine room a few years ago. At least now we have a reason for having him.