Thursday, June 2, 2011

Graysen's "Birth" Day

All checked in and the process has started.

We wanted to have a fun relaxing day and when we found out we could only have two additional people in the delivery room all day we knew which two of our best friends we wanted in the room.

Jeremy gave me the best gift of all that day by keeping Shawn occupied and both of us entertained. Unfortunately I was so mesmerized by the interpretive dance, balloon hunt, and them practicing their SNL skit this is the only pre-birth picture of him. We did actually get work done as well.

Right before it was time to start pushing I had a few second thoughts about having Rochelle help me (I thought I was shy... turns out I'm not) but I am so glad she was there. I wouldn't have made it through the last hour of pushing without her. Not as impactful, but still important, she also took pictures and changed the music. I should have done a play-list. Maybe next time.

We started the pitocin at 8 a.m. They thought I would start pushing at 5 but the last cm took forever and we started at around 7. At 9:33 P.M our little girl entered the world weighing 8lbs 2 ounces and measuring 20 1/2 inches.

A very proud Daddy

She hasn't figured out yet that Daddy is actually wrapped around HER finger.

This is my I am happy that is over smile..oh, and could you please put some more fluid in my body because I don't have enough in my face.

Grandma Speer and Uncle Todd
Uncle Jer-Bear

Grandpa Dunnigan and Dolores

We finally got to our post-partum room around midnight and after Jeremy helped Shawn move everything and brought us food, we were finally alone. Well, except for the nurse for mommy and nurse for Graysen that came every hour all night. The next morning I felt surprisingly good. I even used a curling iron after my shower which the nurse found amusing for some reason. I knew we were going to have a long day of visitors which I was very much looking forward to. The first visitor was Samantha who had Sprinkles cupcakes sent to my room. Unfortunately we didn't have the camera ready yet so we didn't get a picture.

Then came Michael,

and Mimi Speer

and Aunt Leslie

and then all the Liardon's

I loved this picture of Lucy so she has two pictures.

Chris and Brittany and Uncle Josh and Aunt Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. McKnight

Uncle Grant and Aunt Lisa

Aunt Rachael

Uncle Ryan, Aunt Terie, and Aunt Brandi (Uncle Blee was working but came to visit later)

Aunt Cailean and Aunt Rachael

My little buddy Caiden
It was a very special day and we felt so loved by our friends and family. A big thank you to everyone who had a part in it.