Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's 2015

Shawn had a friend who sold us our fireworks at wholesale pricing and delivered so he decided to get a little competitive with the neighbor.
 We had so much fun with this group of people.

 One of the two times a year the golf cart had a purpose.
We had some story time before we started. It was the Keo show and he had us cracking up.

Boys will be boys.... 

Bundt cake break.
I have been friends with Leslie for 13 years and just found out she is scared of fireworks. She stayed on the porch for most of the night.
Pat organized a balloon drop for the kids. It. was. perfect. I had to go inside and turn on auld lang syne and we timed it perfectly with the countdown. It was such an awesome moment I might have shed a little tear.

I found a picture of us from our first New Year's and couldn't resist a little side by side. 16 years of ringing in the New Year together!