Monday, May 11, 2015


My Aunt passed away In February and my Dad planned a family get together to celebrate her life.
My travel companion was cute.
We made it in time to see a beautiful sunset.
And walk on the beach to the house my dad had rented.
I love this crazy Aunt of mine.

The next morning Graysen didn't even make it out of her pajamas before getting her feet wet.
I was excited to spend time with my niece.

I really enjoyed my new cup.

After a little sightseeing we rented a boat. Shawn is always an awesome captain.
We all loved seeing the dolphins.
We stopped at a few places while we were boating.

Dance party
and back to the house for another sunset
G was really feeling the family picture.
The next morning we headed over to my Aunt's and checked out my uncle's recording studio. Shawn always enjoys a visit there.
We all got a little drink before we headed out on the boat for my Aunt's remembrance. She would have totally appreciated it.

Water gin fight with the boat next to us.
Back at the house after a tough afternoon.
My Aunt and Uncle played for our party that night. They have a band and have been playing for 20 years in the Pensacola area. 

Everyone got in on the action.
She loved this huge flower from my Aunt's magnolia tree.

Unfortunately Shawn's grandmother became very sick while we were on this trip and he spent much of his time on the phone with family.

The whole family. It is very rare (maybe once a decade) we all get together. It was nice to catch up.