Sunday, May 31, 2015

Memorial Weekend

I looked at the forecast and saw rain in the forecast for the entire Memorial Day weekend. Tired of the rain, I looked up places we could travel to cheaply with reward travel and begged Shawn to let us go. We looked at L.A, N.Y, and Miami. Miami was the easiest so away we went.
We got there pretty late at night and started our adventures at breakfast the next day.

We took a quick walk to the beach to check things out.
And then changed and set-up at the pool.

It took Graysen about an hour to make friends at the pool. This was our first trip with a sufficient swimmer. We watched our baby leave us and find people to play with for most of the day. I wasn't prepared for that. I didn't even have a book and I felt a little lost.
After a long day of pool time we changed and went to explore and have dinner.

Mr. Chow was amazing.
and we ran into some of our pool friends.

The next day we headed to Collins street in search of some Cuban food. Graysen took her first ever pic of Shawn and I.

We went back and played with Gavin and Bodhi. I enjoyed talking to their Mommy. They live in Greenwich Village which is a favorite part of New York for me. We exchanged numbers and the kids face time each other sometimes.
We were really tired so we ordered room service (everything) and rented a movie. It was heavenly.

Back at our breakfast spot.

We rented a boat and had a lovely afternoon.

Mark Cuban's boat.

Speer sunglass selfie
One last trip to the pool

and then it was time to head home. Happy Memorial Day!