Sunday, May 31, 2015

May happenings

Graysen and I went to my mentee's field day and had so much fun supporting her. She was really happy to have us there.

They were all so sweet to her and even let her participate in the activities.

May was recital month. There were pictures and rehearsals and her school recital. 
Graysen got some help suiting up to see Great Grandma.
This poor guy has had to spend too many nights in hospitals in the last couple of years.
Chris and I stress ate through the hospital cafeteria.
Stephy helped us out by keeping G entertained while we were bust at the hospital.
We can still have fun when things get tough.
Our anniversary and mother's day fell on the same day this year. Unfortunately we had been at the hospital the day before but Shawn still managed to make the day special and I had fun doing what I love-cooking. We had a picnic for lunch in the gazebo and ribs for dinner outside.
School fashion.
Cousins at the church reception after Grandma's funeral.
She has learned the art of posing.

School recital.

Watching her dance it such a joy. She loves to perform.
We love the baby ducks at our house. It seems like there is always a new batch.

Chris and I got stuck at a Rockets game until 3 a.m from a freak storm.
It was pretty fun.
Summer snow-cones.
She loves Charlotte.
A girl and her dog.
Recital pictures.
Karime's pop-show. The kids were all so cute and I got to meet Karime's Mom and little brother.

The last day of school.

We will miss these friends at our new school next year.

Nothing beats your bestie picking you up on your last day of school.

Summertime is here.
We danced in the rain. It was actually the first item to get checked off the bucket list.
The roller rink is in our future.

Slumber party with our temporary roommates.