Sunday, April 12, 2015


I felt like this trip had been planned for soooo long and I couldn't wait to go. I have wanted to go to Coachella for many years.
I have also always wanted to go camping-and it was legitimate camping-you had to walk to trailers to shower and tinkle. Ok so maybe there were outlets, we didn't have to set-it up ourselves, queen size beds, and the weather was California perfect. It was still in a tent 
I am a closet hippy. I loved the whole communal feel of our little tent land. The big tent in the middle had a d.j, bar, breakfast, and late night snacks.

An amazing backdrop for a music festival.

We had so much fun celebrity spotting. I didn't take many pictures because I though it wasn't cool but I couldn't resist how cute Julianne Hough was in front of me.
Alabama Shakes while the sun is setting.
I packed a steamer and Stephy did the steaming.
Relaxing in my favorite part of tent land before heading out for day 2.

So this little guy moves around during the day and on the last day he becomes a butterfly

I loved Andrew McMahon's set so much. The girls had gone back to the tent and I had no shame in singing by myself to him.
Este Haim came on as a surprise with Hozier and it was amazing.

The Weekend finished off the night.
Alex came to meet us on the second day and finally made a picture on the 3rd.

Katy Perry was behind us for an entire set. She was really cool and didn't travel with a huge entourage and act better than everyone else (like Kendall, Kylie, and Justin Beiber. I rolled my eyes every time I saw their ridiculous security group)
Golf carting behind the stages is so much fun. It is really interesting to see how all the stages work.

Fitz and the Tantrums always puts me in a good mood.

We checked out some tent decorations to get some ideas for next year before we headed home.

See how far a walk it was if you had to tinkle in the middle of the night? it was camping
So long Chella 15-hope to see you in 16