Thursday, April 30, 2015

And the rest of April and Graysen pics

The girls had their first company try-outs. I drove the three of them and we prayed before we went in. It was cute and the first of many of these times I think.

 My mentee Karime wrote me a letter. I loved how she drew me with a hat and included Graysen.
 We snuggled with baby Charlotte.

 Graysen finished the soccer season. We had a blast with Coach Lee and are a little spoiled now.

 Jaxson had his 6th birthday party

 and we attempted a cousin picture.
 The Keo's built a new house. We had fun walking through it with them and seeing their excitement.
 Gus Gus had his first shoe casualty. He has expensive taste and managed to ruin a pair I didn't even get the chance to wear.
I worked on a project with Junior League which lets girls who can't afford dresses for prom come get a fairy godmother makeover. I loved it and will be much more involved next year.
Sweet friends at school. 

 Starbucks pal

 Shawn went to his first donuts with Dad. He sent me cute pics.

 and then took us both out to Perry's for dinner.
 Charlotte came home in April and I know the Dorsch family was very happy.
 Shawn suffered through his once a year Rockets game with me. He won't admit it but he had fun.

April had a freak hail storm that will always be remembered. At lunch we were on the boat in the sunshine and at 5 we were being hailed on.

We introduced Graysen to a favorite childhood game of mine. 
 A new coffee shop opened in Tomball. Designs in my latte makes me happy.

The jump place that Abigale was having her birthday party at lost power and 30 minutes later we moved it to our house. I had enough party supplies to throw something together and it turned out great.
Our Texas girl learned to play washers with her friends. Tailgating is in her future. 

 We went to dinner with friends to celebrate Shawn's birthday.
 We also had to have Mexican food for the actual day.