Monday, April 1, 2013

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny had a few fun trips to Target. 
I sent an email out asking for help because we had our nephew's birthday party that morning and all of our friends helped get everything together.
This reminds me of the old days. We have worked on LOTS of events together.
 Showing off her walking skills.
 I was really worried we were going to run out of food.
 Especially desserts. Our group likes to bake.
Leila loved this bunny.
 Isaac was ready to hunt some eggs.
 The little kids were off. 
 You take the right side and I will take the left side.
 Graysen really wanted to help Isaac out.
No Isaac you put the eggs IN your basket.
 Always ready for a pic.
 Bubble blowing.
 Uncle Jer Bear was helpful like always getting the kids organized.
 And the big kids are off....

 This is a $100 egg smile.
 This is also a $100 egg smile.
She has the coolest cheese face ever.
 I love watching the kids pick prizes from the prize table. I also love that Uncle Jer Bear does this part too.

I really wanted to do an egg hunt for the adults and after a call to Big Poppa a plan was in place.
I had no idea the adults would need more rules than the kids. 
Uncle Chris thinks he is getting a head-start.
  I guess laying on the ground to look at the egg doesn't count as touching right???
Look at Les trying to not claim that guy.
 Graysen is showing Stephy where her Dad hid the good eggs.

 She found a good egg-Now, how is she going to get down from there? I missed the shot of her slide down. It was pretty awesome.
 Just what those two needed to win.
 At least she listens and doesn't run around the pool.
 We were so happy the Blee's finally made an egg hunt.
 A few more shots from the day.