Friday, April 26, 2013

Pigtails and Park Days

I was playing in our living room, and NOT watching tv in my bed, with Graysen (clearly) when I decided to try out pigtails. Her hair wasn't quite long enough last time but it is now. We are so excited. There aren't many things cuter than little girl pigtails. Now I have to go get little bows.

Graysen goes to the park all the time. Stephy and Mommy and Daddy love to go so she is at a park at least two times a week. With the weather so beautiful lately, I have had the urge to leave work early to spend time with her. Mondays are especially hard for me because we have so much fun on our weekends. It also helps that her personality and new words and sentences are coming out everyday.

 "Byself Daddy-byself" We hear this all day long in our house.
 We love the park on Cutten because you can watch the Big Choo Choo go by.