Monday, January 28, 2013

Ranch Weekend

We headed out to the family ranch for a weekend with friends.

 Ross had the steaks ready when we got there.

Kyle and Shawn went out the first night and tried to convince us all they had shot this havalina the next day (Ross had hit it on the way in the first day)
Graysen still talks about the sleeping pig.

When you can't find a rolling pin a wine bottle works great in a pinch.

 Graysen giving Hayden kisses. 

 If you are lucky enough to have both of them in the kitchen you are going to have some amazing cooking.

Shawn teaching Sara to shoot. The two of them don't normally operate well together.

Hayden snuggling time.

 Washer victory dance.

Daytime charades

that included some Shawn dancing.

Keo was the most natural shooter I have ever seen.

That speaker has had many memories with us.

I love our Longhorn.

 Going on a ranch ride with Daddy.

Shawn really loved teaching everyone what to do.

Kyle taught the boys to shoot and they had so much fun.

As Jennise said on her way out "Can't we come back for a week?"