Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Day

We were so excited to have our nieces with us Christmas morning. Shawn and I woke up really early and waited for everyone else to get up.

Graysen loved her train table.

and her new chair.

Leila loved her new vanity from us.

She also liked to sit in Graysen's new chair which Graysen didn't like. 

While the Mcknight family got ready Shawn and I had time to do our gifts to each other. It was nice to have time in the morning instead of at night when we are so tired from the day.

We then loaded up for Christmas at Grant's.


 We came home so Graysen could take a nap and then my Mom came. This pony is one of her favorite toys,
 Leila opened some of her presents from Santa and played Doctor all afternoon.

 Finally, we loaded up AGAIN for our last stop of the day. My Dad bought her this bike. She couldn't quite reach the pedals.
 I LOVED seeing my nephew on Christmas.

 This potty training doll with a working toilet had us cracking up.

 We ended the day watching a movie with these cool glasses.
 It was a great Christmas and we managed to see every sibling and all nieces and nephews.