Saturday, August 25, 2012


We went to Belize with some friends for G's first trip with her passport.

The first pictures are from Stephanie's phone and I don't feel like moving them all down to be in the correct order (seriously blogger programmer's-can you fix this?)

This is the start of our trip on my camera.
 She had all the ladies out playing with her while we checked in.
 Pulling her own suitcase.
Da plane, da plane!
 I must admit the puddle jumper scared me,
 but the views were amazing.

 We landed in the town of San Pedro and took a boat to our hotel.
 We wasted no time getting in the pool.

 She loved riding the boat into town and meeting new people.

 There were iguanas all over the property.

 The boys had tons of fun on this rock slide.

 They soon became tired of sliding and started jumping-even synchronized at times.
 Two of the nights we had someone come to the room and cook dinner.
 I discovered a love of lobster on this trip.
 We had lots of good food, wine, and

I loved watching the sunrise from our balcony in the mornings.

 Grilled lobster at the pool the next day.

There were no good game boards at the hotel so we were forced to play candyland. We made it fun. 

Chillin pool side
 Hermit crabs!
 The afternoon rain storms made us very sleepy.
 Jonathan got some biking in.
 Then we rented golf carts to explore the island.

 A Hook 'Em all the way in Belize.

 G had a little travel anxiety and had the worst temper tantrum I have ever seen. 45 minutes.
 And back to blowing kisses.

 Still meeting new friends on the flight back.
A few things not pictured-mosquitos. Giant, blood-thirsty, travel in masses mosquitos. You couldn't lealeave the room without dousing yourself in Off. We have been there, done that, and we won't ever go back.