Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Wednesday night at our house

 Every evening brings something new these days. Last week I got home and went to my room to change. I heard the beep-beep of the door chime, and Graysen was running down the yard in extreme satisfaction with herself. I barely made it to get her before she hit the street. Now we have to lock the door. We went outside to play in the backyard since it is FINALLY less than a 100 degrees at night. Shawn took over pushing her around because I was tired.
 and then we went inside.....She didn't want to do that and decided to show us how she felt.
She is a world class temper tantrum thrower. I told Shawn I couldn't wait to be done with this stage. He said I had 16 1/2 more years.  Thanks baby.  Thanks
We finally re-focused her with a little dance time.
She then stood by the refrigerator and shook her head no at everything I pulled out until she saw what she wanted. She is REALLY into her no head shaking. No nap, no inside, no getting out of the bath, no getting her diaper changed, no, no, no!!! she is very opinionated. Insert the obvious jokes here...
She topped off the night by peeing in the potty. We have been putting her on it at night for the last few nights, and she finally went. I am now a proud parent who saw their child pee on the potty for the first time. Oh, the joys!