Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dear Graysen,

Mommy intended to write this letter for the last 3 months. I have been keeping "cliff notes" in my phone and have just had a difficult time sitting down to actually write it. How can parents properly express the love they feel for the joy a child brings to them? How can your Mommy, who isn't a great writer, tell you the joy she felt just tonight when she walked by your little shoes on the counter and fought back the urge to rush upstairs and pick you up from your crib and give you the biggest hug? Just a picture from Stephanie when I am at work makes me want to rush home and smell your head and listen to your magical laugh. Our first year (14 1/2 months because I procrastinated) of your life have been beyond what I envisioned. I thought I knew what it would be like-I could never have predicted it all. I knew we would love you without condition. I hoped you would be happy and cute and love everyone like your Dad. I hoped you would have my determination and people pleasing. We couldn't have imagined how much of all of that you are. You love an audience. When you meet new people you are determined to make them happy. You will wave, and laugh, and politely stomp (or not so politely touch) until you get the smile you want. When we are at dinner you have more fun with the people next to us than you do with your actual parents. I love watching people smile at you.
You-my dear baby girl LOVE food-all of it. The only thing I have seen you turn down is avocado and occasionally eggs. I have lots of pictures of you reaching up at the refrigerator but will spare them in this post and save them for later.
We are so blessed with your sleeping schedule NOW. Up until 10 months you still woke up twice during the night. One night you decided to sleep through, and since then you are a 7:45 to 7:45 sleeper. Listening to you wake-up is one of our favorite things. You spend about 30 minutes in your crib in imaginary land. There are some deep conversations that go on between you, blankey, and your sheep. I am pretty sure ya'll have solved the world economic crisis-you just can't express it. You giggle and talk and we sent at the monitor watching it all and laughing.
We have something you are slow at. At almost 15 months you still only have six teeth. We had one week of bad teething and I am not looking forward to the future rounds.
We think you are going to be an easy potty trainer. Thanks to your cloth diapers you have never had diaper rash. Also thanks to your cloth diapers (I think) you have pooped in the bath time..wait for it...8 times. I don't know anyone that has had a baby who has even come close to that number. You also pee on the floor if you are allowed more than a minute without the diaper on. I am hopeful that this, as well as your love of toilet playing, will translate into early potty training.
You took your first steps on your 9 month birthday and since 10 months you have been RUNNING. You only have one speed-GO. In the last couple of weeks you have actually paid attention to the TV for about 5 minutes a day. Apparently you share our love of the Olympics. It is exhausting to watch you in the living room. You rush from toy to toy with the occasional run to us to solve a problem. If I sit on the floor with you then you sometimes grab and book and back into my lap for me to read it to you. We last 4 or 5 pages and you are off again.
We have yet to take the thermometer out of it's package. You are a healthy baby girl. The only time we have ever had to go to the doctor turned into a crazy ride down to Texas Children's, but you just had 24 hour bug. I realized the other day that I haven't had to call the doctor yet. Google has solved all my questions. What did our parents do without it?

You are growing and becoming a little person I could watch all day. Every hour awake brings new discoveries, words, and actions. My current favorite word is bubbles. You like to shake bottles until bubbles appear on the surface and then yell BUBBLES.

We are a happy little family unit. My heart bursts with happiness watching you and Daddy together. You are already such a Daddy's girl, and he is without a doubt, wrapped around your finger. On the days we are in town we have a schedule. I love the pattern of it. I wake up and can't wait to get you out of your crib and start a new day.
Daddy and Mommy