Friday, June 22, 2012

A Weekend with lots of Firsts

G had her first road trip across state lines. We left at 6 thinking she would sleep. This was the first picture. Total time slept in the car on the way there - 45 minutes. We had a fun time and I can't wait until she is older and we get to play road trip games and plan scavenger hunts 

 Shawn had the famous turtle soup for the first time at Commander's Palace. I tried a bite but couldn't get the imagine of a cute turtle swimming around out of my head.
 First taxi ride
 First carousel ride

 Her first visit to a museum - she clearly LOVED it.
 Especially when Daddy wouldn't buy her the jewels.
 First time getting Mardi Gras beads
 First time to try white truffle risotto
 and she clearly is our child-she LOVED it
 First time to order room service
 Our first experience with a spilled sippy cup of milk all over the diaper bag
 First buggy ride

 Our first time to see Graysen get scared. The culprit?  A large tyrannosaurus rex that swiveled his head and growled at her. I think she got upset because he reminded her of Chris Bosh.

First time to play in a fancy hotel
and play she did

 This bellman was her buddy - knew her name in the first 5 minutes and loved seeing her everyday. He gave her a rubber ducky from the hotel on the way out. The staff at our hotel really made our trip great. 

First (and last) time eating with bugs at our table
 Our first time in a butterfly garden

I had to share this video- she almost made it home without crying.