Thursday, June 21, 2012

Did you know?

That New Orleans really can be kid friendly (if you avoid certain unnamed streets)?
 That there is a Christmas store that we bought ornaments at several years ago and started a tradition?
That there is an Aquarium, and it is one of the neatest places we have visited?
There were parakeets to feed
and lots of fish to look at.
 There was a frog area, and I got a picture of the Princess and the Frog :)
 She didn't want to leave this guy, who kept talking to her.

That starfish and seals are abundant?
 Did you know a mule is what you get when a female horse and a male donkey breed? This is the only animal allowed to pull the buggy's in NOLA. They also LOVE carrots.

Did you know that the First Catholic Church in the U.S. is located in Jackson Square?
When near the Garden District, we also found another "First" Church, but haven't verified it was the "First" yet.

There is a 1500 acre City Park, and inside of it is Storyland.

 Did you know that New Orleans has one of only 100 wooden carousels left in the world?
 And an amazing Zoo too, with a crazy Orangatang that loves to play with an empty potato sack?
 Complete with a brand new Dinosaur exhibit that is interactive?
 Did you know this is the store Graysen's first pair of earrings came from? It is located in a building that was previously the location of the first established U.S. Post Office, and our friend Franco let us roam around upstairs.

 That the oldest bar in the U.S. is called Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop. It is located at the back of the French Quarter and is still partially lit by candles? It has been operational since 1772. Have a Hurricane here if you ever go.
 This house was owned by Nicolas Cage, and Johnny Depp bought it when it was seized during his tax problems. It is considered to be the most haunted house in New Orleans and was once owned by Madame Lalaurie.
 We didn't want to leave Graysen in front of this house too long for fear she would be adopted. Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie bought it shortly after the hurricane for 3.5 million.
 Did you know there is a really cool Children's Museum located downtown?

 and Mommy and Daddy even had fun there.

 Did you know that....
And a Plasma Ball could be so much fun?
 The Insectarium even serves REAL bugs... ewww
That Alligators are very friendly and like to be ridden?
 It had an amazing Butterfly Garden where the butterfly's will just land on you.

We were sad to leave but happy with the new memories we made.