Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our First ER Visit

We had our first ER visit on the night before Halloween. Shawn and I went to the Texans game on Sunday and were on our way to get pumpkin cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory when my Granny called to tell me Graysen had been throwing up. When we got home and saw what she had been doing for the last hour (projectile vomiting EVERYWHERE is a better description) I decided to take her to the ER by our house to have her checked out. I wasn't that worried until they put her on the scale and it said 15lbs. She had weighed 15lbs 2 ozs had her doctor's appointment SEVEN weeks before so it caused me to panic. When Shawn went to pick her up from the scale she turned very pale and stopped moving. The Doctor started shouting "I don't think she is breathing," and kept telling Shawn to stimulate her over and over again. They had us run with her to the back room and they got her on oxygen. Everyone from the office was in the room and they couldn't have made it more dramatic for an already frazzled set of parents. Her color returned after a minute on the oxygen and then the fun really started. They told us they needed to put an IV in her and get fluids going. I agreed with that. When he told me they might not be able to give her a regular IV and might have to put it in her femoral artery I looked at him and told him there was no way that was going to happen and they needed to find a vein. They did. Then he told me that might need to catheterize her to get a urine sample. I let him know that wouldn't be happening either. Then he said because he thought she had stopped breathing she needed to go to Texas Children's by ambulance. What!!! I haven't even had to call the pediatrician in our 5 1/2 months so far and the one time she is sick we have to go by AMBULANCE to a hospital 45 minutes away. I didn't have much choice so they came to get her. It was by far the most heartbreaking thing to witness. She made it all so much easier. She smiles through everything. After they got the IV in her and she calmed down, she just kept looking at us and trying to smile through her tiredness.

When we finally made it to the hospital the first thing they did was weigh her and she was 18lbs 4 ozs so the scale at the ER was wrong. Yes, I did go over there and let the office know in a very nice, calm way the next day. I can not believe they would have a scale off by that much. It made both of us so scared and nervous when we saw it say 15lbs.

We had to do lab work and an EKG and everything came back great. The basic assumption Texas Children's came too was she got dehydrated from throwing up so much in such a short time period. We are leaving today for our first trip away and it was all I thought about on the way home from the adventure. I am thankful she is in good hands but that wasn't what we needed the weekend before.

We were planning on adding some things to her costume that night but it didn't happen. She was still a cute little ladybug the next day and I will post those pics when we get back from Napa.